Integrated Marketing Advice

We are pleased to offer integrated marketing advice based on our own experiences backed up by tried and tested success stories.

Our knowledge of our clients and the industry means we are best placed to know what will work and what is to be avoided.

  • i-promote are specialists in using various marketing strands to bring marketing campaigns together to achieve the maximum exposure in exactly the areas in which you wish to be found. This can be done a number of ways and and can vary widely between clients.
  • By working with our clients we get to know what you are trying to achieve and so help you get there with the minimum of cost, hassle and time. Something we are very proud of.
  • We use a number of different media to spread the word, from flyers and adverts to websites and targeted online marketing which all combines to build your brand and give your customers the confidence and reassurance to make contact. This will provide your with the confidence to keep dealing with us.

Why not see what we can do for you?
It may be the best thing your company ever does!

Please call 0800 007 6333 for some friendly advise or visit our contact us page.