Social Media

How can social media help my business?

While social media has been around for many years, the concept of it being beneficial to a company's marketing plan is still a tough one to understand. Most people, especially of the older generation see social media as a place for friends to hang out and post pictures of their family or themselves doing random things, communicate back and forth between each other or just keep track of old friends from school. While all of these are true of social media, the idea of inserting your business into these webs of people and benefiting from it is very real.

The big difference between social media marketing and traditional marketing is that with traditional marketing you are throwing advertisements out to the world hoping that they find your ad intriguing and follow it. In other words, they come to you. Once they get there, it's a real standard process of finding what they need and hopefully making the purchase. With social media marketing, you are finding your target and engaging with them. For example, let's say there are bad storms moving through your city and your business is repairing roofs or repairing automobiles with hail damage. You can use a social network like Twitter to find people talking about specific keywords that would apply to your services. In our example, we might look for people talking about 'hail' or 'hail damage' and as these appear in your timeline, you can engage with them and strike up a conversation offering a discount or free estimate, as well as personalising it to what they said. If they engage you in conversation, you will then be the first one on their mind if they decide to seek help versus someone that might drop a flyer through their door a week later.

One of the best ways social media can help your business is by building relationships with your clients. If there is open communication between a company and its clients, those clients will more than likely become loyal to that company. Retention is an important part of any business and social media is the perfect tool to make it happen. Having loyal customers is one of the best ways to build any business. If they're loyal, they'll also refer their friends or family to you. They might also mention you on their social profiles and if it is passed on by just a few people, your exposure is through the roof. The real key to having a successful social media marketing campaign is to give it the time required, use the social networks that best fit your needs and to not give up.

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