Websites for mobiles

A website is a website right? Not if you're a Search Engine.

In a nutshell here's how it works. If a person uses their Smart Phone to search for the services you provide in their postcode they'll find a provider that has a .mobi website ahead of a full website.

Business via the internet has alomost doubled in the past few years and the reasons for this are two fold, improvements in the current 3G networks, soon to be 4G and the increase in 'hand held' devices.

To handle the massive traffic increase the Search Engines have decided to prioritise .mobi websites for Smart Phones and i-padtm users alike.

As you know you can view a standard website on a Smart Phone but you need to 'pinch, squeeze, roll and expand to get the information you want but they're prone to delay which is what the Search Engines don't want.

mobi sites are slightly different, they"re refined mobile versions of your current website with the most important information for potential customers included; who you are, the services you provide, where you are, your accreditations, full website details, a telephone number to call and a 'contact us' facility being amongst the most useful.

An ideal example is to search for your favourite newspaper from your phone/ pad and no doubt you'll get a .mobi version instead of the full site.

To cut to the chase, let's make sure that it's you they find first Be the first to be found on a mobile search, please contact us or call
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